Amazon Ecommerce - Portal 1

Amazon is the world's largest online retailer and sells almost everything. So when you shop on amazon you don't get any external rewards in return. This portal will provide you cashback directly in your bank account once the timeline is over. 

Effective from 24-04-2021: We are closing this portal due to some external reasons. So if anyone has made a purchase before it. Please email us.


Q1. How much commission I can get?
Ans. Each product has a different cashback percentage or structure. Click here Rates to checkout

Q2. How much time it will take for credit?
Ans. After 10 days of return period of product is over as different product has different return period so it will take max 40 days.

Step 1: Enter Product name and order the product

*For smooth working of portal Ad Blocker should be turned off for this site.

Step 2: For tracking your cashback fill below the google form. 

Step 3: We will contact you with further steps like cashback date within 48 hours.

Contact Us
If you have any questions, please contact us [email protected]