Building Success: Years of Growth and Innovation

Transforming Visions into Victories: Seven Years of Innovation, Growth, and Client Empowerment, with Many More Years of Success Ahead.

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  1. 2024: Sustaining Growth and Enhancing Client ExperienceLatest

    In 2024, we are steadfast in our commitment to growth and excellence, striving to provide the best possible experience for our clients. Our focus remains on delivering valuable insights to assist in new product development (NPD), helping our clients innovate and stay ahead in their respective markets.

    We are also dedicated to driving economic growth for our clients by creating more effective ways to utilize their marketing budgets. By offering advanced data analytics and strategic planning, we ensure that every marketing rupee is spent efficiently, maximizing return on investment.

    This year, we continue to enhance our service offerings and refine our processes to better meet the evolving needs of our clients. Our team is more committed than ever to fostering strong partnerships, supporting our clients' ambitions, and contributing to their ongoing success.

  2. 2023: Leveraging Micro-Influencer Marketing and Growing Our Team

    In 2023, we expanded our service offerings to include micro-influencer marketing. By harnessing the power of influencers, we helped our clients reach a larger audience and effectively promote their new products. This service focused on educating customers about the unique selling points (USPs) of each product, driving awareness and engagement.

    We also achieved a significant milestone by expanding our client base to 39 valued clients. To support our continued growth and enhance our capabilities, we welcomed three new members to our dedicated team. These additions strengthened our ability to deliver exceptional service and innovative solutions to our clients.

  3. 2022: Advancing with Business Automation

    In 2022, we took another leap forward by introducing business automation services to streamline our clients' internal processes. Our goal was to enable our clients to focus on their core activities while leveraging technology to handle routine tasks. This shift towards automation not only improved efficiency but also transformed our clients into technology-enabled businesses.

    One notable success was the development of a WhatsApp automation service for a key client. This innovative solution significantly reduced customer returns by 60%, demonstrating the power of automation in enhancing customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

  4. 2021: Expanding Services and Enhancing Insights

    In 2021, we broadened our service offerings to include affiliate marketing and web scraping. With affiliate marketing, we helped our clients leverage partnerships to expand their reach and drive more sales through strategic alliances. Our web scraping services enabled us to deliver organized and actionable data to our clients, empowering them to make more informed decisions.

    Additionally, we developed a sophisticated in-house review monitoring system. This system operates daily, tracking customer reviews across multiple platforms. It provides insights into which products customers favor and the reasons behind their preferences, as well as identifying areas for improvement. These advancements allowed us to offer deeper customer insights and enhanced our ability to support our clients' success.

  5. 2020: A Year of Milestones

    In 2020, we celebrated significant growth and achievements. We expanded our client base to a family of 20 valued clients and reached a major milestone by crossing a revenue of 50 Lakhs (5 million INR). Our commitment to excellence led us to enhance the customer experience for 689 products. We conducted sentiment analysis on customer reviews and proactively engaged new customers to test our products and provide valuable feedback. This continuous loop of improvement and innovation helped us refine our offerings and better serve our clients.

  6. 2018: Embracing Innovation

    In 2018, we took a significant step forward in enhancing our operational efficiency and customer experience. We transitioned our entire database and system from Google Sheets to a custom-built in-house dashboard. This pivotal move allowed us to streamline our internal processes, improve data accuracy, and provide our customers with a more seamless and responsive experience. The new dashboard also enabled better data analytics, giving us deeper insights into customer needs and helping us make more informed decisions.

  7. 2016: The Beginning

    In 2016, our journey began with a vision and a small, dedicated team. With just two passionate individuals, we laid the foundation of DIGIPULL™. Our mission was clear: to Think, Create, Innovate and make a significant impact in Online Reputation Management Industry.

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