FTP Error: 227 Entering Passive Mode (129,154,226,196,193,106)


Complete Error:

  • Command: PWD
  • Response: 257 "/" is the current directory
  • Command: TYPE I
  • Response: 200 Switching to Binary mode.
  • Command: PASV
  • Response: 227 Entering Passive Mode (129,154,226,196,193,106).
  • Command: LIST
  • Error: The data connection could not be established: ETIMEDOUT - Connection attempt timed out
  • Response: 425 Failed to establish a connection.
  • Error: Failed to retrieve directory listing

Personal Solution:

This error mainly belongs to vsFTPD FTP Server where you set passive ports like 40000:50000 and the reason why this error occurs are due to the firewall of the router or VM Cloud Instance like Oracle, Google, AWS or others are blocking these ports. 

You need to open these ports to solve this error. I have added an example screenshot of how to add Ingress Rules in the Security List of Oracle Cloud Instance.

Second Screenshot of UFW Firewall of Ubuntu:

Third Screenshot of sudo nano /etc/vsftpd.conf File of vsFTPD:

I hope this helped in solving the error. If any other issue comment on this post our support team will reply to it.

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